Commit 00a9ee39 authored by Remy Marquis's avatar Remy Marquis
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Revert "game: temporary workaround for shaking models, refs #735"

This reverts commit 4badfd4b.
parent f81decae
Pipeline #200 skipped
Subproject commit f1173cf446eee983f42dce05277de2484319fc8e
Subproject commit 22b043073631b0e64948222fe4e033e95430aa5f
......@@ -3369,14 +3369,11 @@ void BG_PlayerStateToEntityState(playerState_t *ps, entityState_t *s, int time,
s->pos.trType = TR_INTERPOLATE;
s->pos.trTime = time; // help out new synced animations.
// FIXME: cause shaking models in listen servers
VectorCopy(ps->origin, s->pos.trBase);
if (snap)
VectorCopy(ps->velocity, s->pos.trDelta);
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